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Newcastle Brown Ale was first brewed in 1927 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England


The beer was developed by Colonel Jim Porter after three years developing his special brew. Porter's time and dedication was quickly vindicated when in 1928 Newcastle Brown Ale won the gold medals at the International Brewers' Exhibition in London. Newcastle Brown Ale quickly established itself as a favourite brew in the North East of England and was soon available in pint bottles and half pint bottles throughout the whole of the North East. In 1937 Newcastle Brown Ale had grown in such demand that people wanted to take the product home. The introduction of Newcastle Brown Ale cans quickly followed.


Colonel Jim Porter

Between the 1930's and 1960's Brown Ale continued to grow and became a symbol of everything the North East stood for, i.e. it came from an era of shipbuilding, mines, steel works etc. It became not only a symbol of Newcastle Breweries and the quality of the beer that it produced, but also for a symbol for the North East of England to identify with. Newcastle Brown Ale became the favourite brew of Geordies living away from home.

The next major step in the development of Newcastle Brown Ale came in 1960 with the joining together of Scottish Brewers and the Newcastle Breweries to form Scottish & Newcastle Breweries. and giving Newcastle Brown Ale access to new markets.

The 1980's saw the redesign of the bottle label both front and back and incorporation of the slogan "The One and Only" which is the well known phrase which had been used to describe Newcastle Brown Ale in 1928 by the Newcastle Journal, when it described Newcastle Brown Ale as "You've never seen anything quite like this before, it is the One and Only". A new advertising campaign entitled "The Dog" which linked NBA's heritage in the North East of England where the expression came about that you were going to walk the dog, i.e. go to the pub for a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale became very much a nickname.


In 1927 the popular Blue Star, in Westgate Road, Newcastle was the first pub to sell the newly-brewed Newcastle Brown Ale, and accidentaly created the famous logo when Edward Reef, the Newcastles Breweries manager chose it for the label.

Undoubtedly when he created Newcastle Brown Ale in 1927, Colonel Jim Porter would be very happy that in the 1990's Newcastle Brown Ale is the best-selling bottled beer in the UK. This interestingly makes it the top selling bottled beer in Europe and also in the world if you actually look at Brown Ale as being an ale. This is a fitting tribute to Colonel Jim Porter.




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